Dissertation results and discussion

Difference between results and discussion dissertation meaning

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Presenting Your Dissertation Results & Discussion

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Sometimes the findings or results section of a dissertation comes in the same chapter as the main discussion. You will need to check with your supervisor what your university department’s rules are regarding these two sections. In a quantitative dissertation or capstone you will be presenting your results.

You may present your results with or without a discussion explaining what those results mean. You will want to consult your chair to make sure you are following the approach. A more detailed discussion of the dissertation hypothesis; And now dissertation results chapter for you.

The good thing is that you have decided to order a results chapter dissertation from us, because it is the most boring part of it. However, there is nothing impossible for our gurus and once you entrust your paper to them, you can be. The results and discussion, including conclusion and recommendations, are probably the most substantial sections of your dissertation.

Once completed, you can begin to relax slightly: you are on to the last stages of writing! The Dissertation Consulting services from Dissertation India guide you towards preparing a results and discussions chapter that is informative and impressive.

Our team has experience of writing hundreds of thesis and dissertations, and they understand the perspective of the evaluator. In a conventional thesis, what we call the IMRAD type (introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion) the discussion chapter appears a discrete chapter.

Before you worry about the discussion chapter too much, consider whether you need to treat the discussion as a separate section at all.

Dissertation results and discussion
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Difference between results and discussion dissertation meaning